ORLANDO UNIVERSITY IN THE LIMELIGHT Placed 4th in the Latest e-MBA Rankings by World Academic Ranking


In their latest Top Ranked Online Programs ratings, World Academic Ranking ranked 4th for its advanced e-MBA Program. Only 10 most popular online MBA Programs could make it to the coveted rankings list that's released every year with a careful selection of the best available online programs. Read more

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Orlando University Proudly Announces Recognition from International Accreditation Bodies
In order to gain worldwide recognition within the education circle for being an accredited online university, Orlando University officially announced its membership with internationally recognized accreditation bodies. Approved by the international quality assurance bodies, Orlando University's online degree and diploma courses are accepted by the employment market, the world over.

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Orlando University Gives Special Recognition to Alumni Contributing to Society
presented a special award to three of its alumni to recognize their positive efforts towards society. Mohammad Junaid based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jamie Stevens based in London, Britain and Alicia Browns based in New York, USA were given a silver plaque and a donation of $25,000 each for their respective charities.

Orlando University Raises Financial Grant by 7% to Counter Expected Fee Rise
has recently raised its financial aid by 7%, reserved for students, in the wake of rising costs of education across the Middle East. Orlando University is an eminent online university that offers accredited, internationally recognized online courses and programs to distant students and working professionals. The online degree programs at Orlando University is helping young aspiring professionals in enhancing their academic qualifications and ultimately broadening their career prospects in today’s highly challenging employment market.

Orlando University Plans to Recruit Over 100 Faculty Members
Orlando University plans to recruit over a 100 online instructors and lecturers to expand its professional family. This is not the first time Orlando University has planned to hire more faculty members. Over the last several years, Orlando has been investing generously into the hiring and development process of its new academic staff. Professor Charles M. Latlmer, faculty member at Orlando University’s School of Education stated, “I was hired by the university a few years back and as a member of its teaching team, I am absolutely satisfied with the working environment at Orlando.”

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Orlando University’s Career Development Services Empowers Student to Succeed Professionally
In keeping with its mission to help students achieve their academic and professional goals, Orlando University has designed exclusive career development services to assist students and alumni find lucrative employment opportunities around the world. These services, which include resume and cover letter writing, career counseling and job placements, and more, are offered at virtually no cost.

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